Libby Bess Illustration

Pattern, emotion, and strange figures

Exhibitions and Events

Where is Libby Bess?

Warwickshire Open Studios 2019

I will be bringing everything I can I can fit in my car to Dunchurch for Warwickshire Open Studios in June 2019! We’ll be open each weekend and Wednesday between 15th - 29th June.

Come say hello at Inglenook next to the Fosse House Gallery: I’ll be in the marquee drawing and sipping coffee.

Limited digital prints, lino prints, postcards, and framed original ink illustrations will all be on display and available to purchase.


Let’s explore

Ink Illustration

A girl holds a cloth, patterned with a kind of leopard print, covering her stomach

View some of my ink drawings, each one completely unique and evoking different emotions

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Digital Art

A girl with her back to the screen, her hair flows out then turns into harsh straight lines

Using my iPad allows me to create different kinds of illustrations I wouldn’t be able to with pen and ink, making for some new and exciting designs

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About me

Libby is smiling at the camera holding one of her prints

Want to know more about the artist behind the characters?

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