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Where is Libby Bess?

East Lodge Gallery, Leamington Spa

At the far end of Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa, sits East Lodge Gallery.

In partnership with the Art in the Park theme of 'Water', LSA members were invited to submit one piece of work to be displayed between 31st July - 25th August.

I am lucky to have an original ink illustration in there at the moment titled "IV:Cancer".

The piece represents the fourth water sign of the zodiac, Cancer, and takes elements of the personality horoscope of Cancerians as well as more visual representations such as the crab.

The work is for sale - please enquire at East Lodge Gallery for more details.

IV: Cancer by Libby Bess

IV: Cancer by Libby Bess

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Ink Illustration

A girl holds a cloth, patterned with a kind of leopard print, covering her stomach

View some of my ink drawings, each one completely unique and evoking different emotions

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Digital Art

A girl with her back to the screen, her hair flows out then turns into harsh straight lines

Using my iPad allows me to create different kinds of illustrations I wouldn’t be able to with pen and ink, making for some new and exciting designs

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Libby is smiling at the camera holding one of her prints

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