Libby Bess

About the artist

Nice to meet you! Thanks for dropping by, let me introduce myself.

I was raised in Rotherham, South Yorkshire where I was lucky to live just down the road from the city of Sheffield. One of my favourite places, Sheffield is home to two universities and lots of great culture and particularly art. Growing up, me and my family would visit the Great Sheffield Art Show and Art in the Park every year and that’s probably what got me into art from a young age.

It was when I was introduced to anime and manga that my drawing began to take off. I started drawing all the time and filled up sketch books like you wouldn’t believe! I was mostly drawing fantasy anime characters at the time but loved experimenting with marker pens, watercolours, ink pens, pencils, and all sorts of mediums really. Drawing really stayed as a hobby for my for a long while after that.

Years later now and after achieving my degree in mathematics and working in analytics in the West Midlands, I felt I had managed to develop my own art style that you see today, with influences from children’s book illustrations, Japanese pop culture, tattoo art, body positivity, sexuality, and self expression.

...and that brings us to where we are now!

I hope you enjoy browsing my work, and I hope to see you around!